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Marital Settlement Agreement Lawyer in Greensboro

When attempting to resolve a family law matter, there are a numerous methods to explore. I am Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law and I am fully dedicated to helping my family law clients achieve a successful resolution to their cases.

Litigation is often expensive and time consuming. Therefore, before resorting to litigation to reach a resolution in your divorce and/or other family law issues, I encourage my clients to utilize other forms of dispute resolution in regard to their marital separation, divorce, and/or custody settlements. The two main types of dispute resolution that I use are listed below. Please contact me to discuss these further.

4-Way Settlement Conferences

During a 4-way settlement conference, my client and I will sit down with the opposing party and his or her lawyer to discuss the terms of a possible settlement in the case. These meetings are conducted professionally and respectfully, with the parties cooperatively working toward a solution to the case. This form of alternative dispute resolution is much less expensive than litigation and allows clients to control the time-table during which the settlement is reached. You do not have to worry about being scheduled on a judge's calendar, which may prolong a decision in the case.


Though I first attempt to utilize a 4-way settlement conference to reach a marital settlement agreement, mediation is another form of alternative dispute resolution that can be equally effective for my clients. With the help of a certified, neutral mediator, it is possible to reach an agreement that is in your best interests. Much like a 4-way settlement conference, mediation can be an efficient and often cost-effective way to resolve any divorce-related disputes, such as property distribution and alimony.

Property Distribution

Greensboro Premarital Agreements Lawyer

Throughout the divorce process, it is important to ensure that the issue of asset and property division is fully addressed. In North Carolina, assets, property, and liabilities are to be divided equitably. To fully understand the concept of equitable distribution and how it affects your specific situation, please feel free to enlist my services. I am Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law and I am dedicated to helping my clients understand their rights under the North Carolina equitable distribution laws.

"Equitable distribution" does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split of the marital estate. However, depending upon the circumstances, the courts may split the martial estate, including bank accounts, in equal halves once all debts are removed. It is very important to understand that all debts, including loan debt are also assessed and divided equitably between the parties.

Established by legislature, there are 13 statutory factors that the courts are obligated to consider when determining division of marital property. Some of these factors include:

  • Income, property and debts of the parties
  • Support obligations from prior marriages
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of each party
  • The needs of the custodial spouse to own or possess the marital home place and household effects
  • Tax consequences

Upon meeting with you to discuss your specific situation, I can provide you with an accurate assessment of the matter and help you understand how these factors may influence the division of property in your case. I also work alongside other professionals whose services you may employ, such as an accountant, to ensure that you are comprehensively protected.‚Äč

Marital Agreements

Greensboro Premarital Agreements Lawyer

To protect yourself and your assets, it may be beneficial to seek the creation of a marital agreement either before or after marriage. I, Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law, have created, drafted, and reviewed a wide range of marital and premarital agreements for my family law clients throughout the course of my significant legal career.

It is important to understand that any agreement drafted must be very specific and thorough. This is done to prevent any future arguments stemming from vague and/or unclear wording in the document. In order to provide you with comprehensive protection, I am extremely detail-oriented and straightforward in drafting these documents.

Below are some of the types of marital agreements that previous clients found useful. Contact me to learn more about how one of these agreements may be suited to your specific situation.

Separation Agreement

In a separation agreement, provisions can be made for the division of debts and assets. It can also include a mutually agreed upon method of determining post-separation support and resolve issues related to the children, such as child support, and child custody. A move-out agreement can also be established in order to prevent any abandonment issues.

Prenuptial Agreement

If you wish to preserve your individual assets following the end of your marriage, then a prenuptial agreement may be appropriate to your situation. This document is a contract between you and your spouse-to-be, detailing your personal assets and protecting them from division in the event of a separation or divorce.

Postnuptial Agreement

A postnuptial agreement is designed to protect you much in the same way that premarital agreements are. However, a postnuptial agreement is created after the actual marriage has taken place.

Contact a North Carolina premarital agreements lawyer today to learn more about how to preserve your assets throughout the course of your marriage. Clients trust me, Bonnie Rossi, Attorney at Law, to understand their concerns and create documents that reflect their wishes. An initial consultation at my office is offered at a reduced rate, along with flexible appointment times for your convenience. Please call (336) 509-0183.

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